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Made in Witzerland Forum Swiss History Schwyz

The multifaceted, multimedia exhibition takes a differentiated look at the humorous side of Switzerland - with caricatures since the 19th century, contemporary cartoons and nationally important figures such as HD Läppli and Clown Grock. In the good old television room, excerpts from Swiss comedy programmes and cinema comedies will delight visitors. "Made in Witzerland" also deals with everyday comedy, Swiss stereotypes and clichés or politically and socially incorrect jokes. At the same time, the exhibition is dedicated to the unequal humour of men and women and the childlike perception of irony and situation comedy, pointedly presented in a surprising scenography. Until 24.01.2021

Made in Witzerland Forum Swiss History Schwyz



Jan Vágner

© Zvonimir Pisonic, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

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