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outstanding light

matí lighting design means high-level planning, holistic concepts, consultancy with extensive counselling, and flawless realisation during all phases of a project. We embrace the challenges of indoor and outdoor spaces. We are your counterparts in innovative lightening solutions for private and public, historic or buildings for cultural purposes. Our planning melds creativity with technical know-how and circumspection.

Our light distinguishes your spaces – as expert partners of numerous museums and fine-art galleries we measure up to top-level standards. Developing sophisticated light sources and illumination on demand, has been a most gratifying process, again and again.

matí – light is our medium!

Newest projects

Made in Witzerland

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Feathers - warming, seducing, flying

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New Giacometti Hall lighting

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Historisches Museum Bern: Grand Prix Suisse 1934 – 1954

to present

We stage-manage your objects skilfully, we orchestrate. Our lighting is deliberately unobtrusive. Hence maximum autonomy is given to the illuminated object. The light “steps aside”.

to represent

Our lighting strategies are effective; they create an aura. Our lighting illuminates, intensifying the impact and meaning of a given object or space; this will be achieved discretely, without pathos or kitsch.
Condirama Max Felchlin AG lbach
arbeiten und leben

working and living

Light and lighting support and enhance; they offer a feeling of security and warmth. Lighting creates a secure sojourn, a contemplative space or a concentrated working atmosphere.

to create

We create special lighting devices to meet the demands of a given task. In close cooperation with architect and manufacturer we search for convincing solutions. Over the years we have built up a wide network of qualified specialists who provide creative and technical support for the perfect realisation of any project.