Design of the Pendant Luminaires for Condirama Ibach

The dining hall on the top-floor of the newly built Condirama, a schooling centre for chocolatiers, is to be utilized in diverse ways, from the staff and visitor’s restaurant, up to a hall housing festive and sociable events. The pendant luminaire we created together with Meili Peter Architects is based on a design from our workshop. Through the pure glass cylinders, one’s view is left open on three vertical light sources. Additionally, there’s a powerful directional down-light blazing downwards. Due to the potential separation of the control of the different light sources it is possible to modulate and balance out the room’s atmosphere from diffuse, restful light to festive accentuated illumination, on demand.

Design of the Pendant Luminaires for Condirama Ibach


In Cooperation with Meili Peter Architectes Zurich


Moos AG Luzern


Max Felchlin AG Ibach

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