Brasserie Freilager Zurich

The Brasserie Freilager is an upmarket restaurant in a stylish quarter of Zurich. The premises are divided into a restaurant and a bar-area which are connected by a wide corridor. For the clientele the lightening creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere within a posh ambience. In the bar pendant luminaires create sparkle and the in-built down-lights take care of a background lightening with first-class quality colour-reflection. The chandeliers of the restaurant radiate like effervescing bubbles in a freshly filled glass of champagne.

Brasserie Freilager Zurich



Meili & Peter Architekten AG Zürich

Principal Zürcher Freilager AG

Exterior lightening of Freilager Area Zurich

New Construction of Actelion Business Centre Allschwil Basel